sINeFINITY – a glass – paper experiment

///sINeFINITY – a glass – paper experiment

The sINeFINITY-Pavilion constructed by the Technical University of Darmstadt shows one of the diverse possibilities of using glass as a structural construction element. The exterior design of the pavilion is based on the mathematical sign of infinity. The pavilion is built upon two straps, bent in two ways. From the top view, the straps follow the shape of two parallel circles (radius 4,0m and 2,80m). Seen from the front of the construction, both straps follow the same parametric
sine curve. The generated sine curved annulus allows access to the interior part of the pavilion.
To realize the load bearing structure a new mix of materials is used. The construction combines the advantages of glass with those of paper. The two-way bent straps are realized as a sandwich of glass (2mm semi-tempered-glass) and honeycomb paper (4cm). The holes of the honeycomb-structure create an interesting optical effect; it is only possible to look through from specific angles.

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