About us

FacadeWorld is a knowledge platform for building envelope related technologies, materials, designs, and experiments. It´s made to be fresh, interesting, inspiring, sometimes provocative but always serious – to provide information and esprit for designers, architects, engineers, students, researchers, and industry.


Marcel Bilow is educated as an architect and did a Ph.D. about climate-related facades at TU Delft / Faculty of Architecture. He now works at TU Delft in research and education and is known as Dr. Buckylab the head of the faculties mobile prototyping workshop seminar.

Tillmann Klein studied architecture and holds a Ph.D. in facade design and construction. He works as a senior researcher at the TU Delft and is Head of the Facade Research Group and the International Façade Master Program.

Ulrich Knaack finished his architecture study and Ph.D. in the area of structural glass in Aachen, worked as an architect and now holds the facade-technology chairs at TU Darmstadt / Germany and TU Delft / the Netherlands.

Jens Schneider is a full professor of structural engineering at the Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design, TU Darmstadt (Germany). After his studies in civil engineering in Darmstadt and Coimbra (Portugal), he received his Ph.D. from TU Darmstadt in a topic about structural glass design. He worked as structural engineer at Schlaich, Bergermann and Partner and is currently partner in the engineering office SGS GmbH in Heusenstamm / Frankfurt

Al Amir Mohsen is educated as an architect, finished his Master degree in facade engineering from University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany. Prior to his employment as a research assistant at TU Darmstadt where he started his Ph.D. studies, he worked as a facade engineer with Bollinger + Grohmann Ingenieur, works as a writer for Facadeworld and he is now the CEO of Lithium architects GmbH in Frankfurt.

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