Material Xperience Exhibition | 13-15. March in Rotterdam

///  Material Xperience Exhibition | 13-15. March in Rotterdam

Curated exhibition and lectures: Discover at Material Xperience innovative and inspiring materials from the independent Materia collection, innovations from selected partners, new and technologies and applications. Next to themes around interior, packaging, products, mobility, and fashion, architecture is in the focus. And here – parallel to industrial partners – also a collection of new developed 3D Printing building product will be exposed.
The lectures in the field architecture will be at Wednesdays morning – speakers are Lisa Rammig (EOC London), Kasper Guldager Jensen (architect MAA), Ana Maria Anton (ETH Zurich) and Ulrich Knaack (TU Delft/TU Darmstadt)

For more information see here.


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