Additive Manufactring Triple Sessions | Darmstadt, Eindhoven and Delft


/// Additive Manufactring Triple Sessions | Darmstadt, Eindhoven and Delft 

There were these sessions about additive manufacturing in the built environment – or let’s call it 3D Printing for buildings. Interesting triple in Darmstadt, Eindhoven and Delft with lots of lectures by material specialists, engineers and designers developing concepts for building components or complete buildings being made by a new generation of printers.
What could be tracked directly is the interest in each other’s work – and the spirit of a new community developing. In addition, the questions raised are interesting: will we build in components – meaning having standard products and adding parts with additive manufacturing to individualize them, or will the complete building be made by this technology? And will it develop via mono-materials or are we going to use combined materials? And by the way – what are the material properties?
An interesting new field – quite challenging!

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