Ceramics in an AM process | One material solution

20151118-DSC06509 20151118-DSC06514

///Ceramics in an AM process | One material solution

The ability to produce so called one-material-wall systems is promising: there is an increasing demand for the raw materials to be recycled, but recycling components made out of different materials is hard. By printing stones with voids that are mechanical interlocking, complete façades can be made out of one material.
A first example has been printed. The inner side of the brick (or façade element) will be the load bearing structure, protected by a thin walled pattern as insulation, which is covered by an outside cladding. Such façade elements can be made using an extrusion process, however, this is impossible when complete freedom in form is desired.
The answer to this requirement is AM – additive manufacturing, a production process for a mono-material construction with a multi-functional performance.

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