Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk-Museum-01 Stedelijk-Museum-02 Stedelijk-Museum-03 Stedelijk-Museum-04 Stedelijk-Museum-05 Stedelijk-Museum-06 Stedelijk-Museum-07 Stedelijk-Museum-08

/// Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum is located southwest Amsterdam city center. The building is known as “The Bathtub” according to its white and seemingly floating construction. The façade, designed by BenthemCrouwel Architects, it consists of a single surface that covers around 3000 m2 in area. The main goal is to have a material that provide the minimum thermal expansion possible in order to achieve a seamless façade. The optimum solution found in utilizing a sandwich construction that consists of inner and outer skin. A composite laminate of resin, strengthen by Twaron and Tenax fibers had been used. As the resin had a positive longitudinal thermal expansion and the fibers had a negative one, the composition helps to minimize the thermal expansion of 100 meters to 1 mm. The panels for the Bathtub has a steel structure, about 1000 tons of steel with 60 m spanning between columns.

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