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/// IJDock

IJDock is a complex of hotel, offices and residential building. It covers around 89000 m2 in the new developed area. The master-plan was created by Bjarne Matenbroek and Dick van Gameren.

The buildings have several façade types each is designed according to the space behind. The buildings have two frontages. At the side facing the IJ is made entirely of glass façade to grant sufficient amount of light for the apartments behind and a good view over the water. Along the central and side streets, a light green brick façade had been constructed. The brick had been uniquely mixed and backed to have a golden glow surface in the sun. The building interior’s façade had bay windows and balconies with an Arabic mashrabiyas patterns. Finally a unique triangular tour filled with apartments, which are spreading till the ninth floor.

Two of these buildings are designed by Claus en Kaan Architects and serve as The Paleis of Justitie. The facade for this two buildings are much alike but with a closer look one can easily define the ceramic facade panels that form the facade. These Panels are made of a M1.01.0 base material with different sizes and thickness.

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