Workshop ThinkingSkins!

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/// Workshop ThinkingSkins!

The EFNmobile – “ThinkingSkins” workshop started on Monday, June 15th at the TU Delft. After an introduction by Susanne Gosztonyi about the background of adaptive facades and by Jens Böke about the
specific topic of ThinkingSkins, we started the ideation of future adaptive façade concepts related to individual functions of the façade.
Students from the TU Delft (NL) , the IFDC in Detmold (D), and from Lund university (Sweden) are participating the three-day workshop that was also supported by Alcoa. We also thank Wijnand Manen (Alcoa) for his substantive contribution about 3D printed façades and the “Next façade”.
A main part of the program is prototyping the concepts. We are creating working models by using the EFNmobile toolbox and also digital fabrication devices like a laser cutting machine. The results will be presented in front of the EFN committee and also exhibited at the conference : Future Envelope 2015 – Unobtainium.

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