Frame Work

Framework-01 Framework-02 Framework-03 Framework-04 Framework-05

/// Frame Work

The idea is to come up with a new way to build a formwork for concrete in  a way, which is fast and economic. The first attempt was made of cotton connected to a zipper with 8 cm diameter and 38 cm height. To prevent the concrete to deform the formwork, the formwork wrapped in sand. The single-layered cotton provided a good resistant against the concrete pressure but in the other hand taking the formwork away from the concrete was a complex process.

The next attempt used overlapped PVC foil connected by push buttons. Taking away the form accomplished successfully. Then using Velcro method was the next step. The formwork placed in a wooden structure but the problem that the lower part for the formwork could not take the concrete pressure.

The final attempt was again with a zipper but in combination with the PVC film. The weight had been reduced by placing a tube in the centre of the formwork to form a cavity, also smooth surface for the casted concrete was provided.

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