EnBW City

EnBW-City-01 EnBW-City-02 EnBW-City-03 EnBW-City-04 EnBW-City-05

/// EnBW City

The building considered as an icon in matter of its transparency and innovative complex design, the main goals were to present modern, innovative, ambitious and efficient building. The complexity of the building acts as a strong and precise and technology driven design. The innovative technology is integrated in the building in a way to allow optimal day lighting and maximum possible transparency.

A special, intelligent acoustic and air technology had been applied, by water walls to adapt the climate conditions and act as acoustic barrier as well in the central atrium. The envelope designed intelligently to reduce the transmissions areas, as well insure the optimal exposure and naturally ventilated workplaces.

To insure a good way of communication and knowledge transfer, the ground floor forms restaurants and cafes for the employees; the first floor is for guests, as well near to the conference rooms.

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