Debitel Headquarters

Kapitel-7-Debitel-9-Eckbereich-der-Fassade-01 Kapitel-7-Debitel-9-Eckbereich-der-Fassade-02Kapitel-7-Debitel-9-Eckbereich-der-Fassade-03Kapitel-7-Debitel-9-Eckbereich-der-Fassade-04Kapitel-7-Debitel-9-Eckbereich-der-Fassade-05

/// Debitel Headquarters

The headquarters of the telecommunications company Debitel comprises a high-rise building and four oblong low-rise buildings that are connected with the high-rise through a glass corridor 100 m (110 yd) long. The entire complex is grouped around a central plaza which forms the centre of the development. Underground car parks as well as a data processing centre are located underneath the complex.

The 16-storey high-rise building is equipped with two staircases and one lift tower located on the outside of the structure. In addition, there is a solar chimney attached to the high-rise building facing the central plaza. Besides its technical functionality it serves as a landmark. Dividing the entire complex into several buildings, breaks apart the massive structure and provides a vertical appearance.

One significant part of the architectural conception was to integrate building services into the design: the solar chimney is a visible indication of this approach. Due to its thermal characteristics the chimney generates sufficient pull to naturally exhaust the used air from the high-rise building. Fresh air is supplied either centrally or individually through opening elements in the façade. This allows the user to regulate the fresh air supply to his or her own comfort level in spite of the height of the structure.

The façade of this building is an alternating façade. Traditional box window façade sections with interior double glazing and exterior single glazing make up parts of this façade. Venetian blinds located between the glass panes serve as sun protection. The other part of the façade consists of fixed exterior sun protection and an interior ventilation wing. This ensures protection from incident sunlight and eliminates the risk of falling.

Project: Debitel Headquarters

Location: Stuttgart

Completed: 2004

Client: Step GmbH Stuttgart

Architect: RKW Architektur + Städtebau

Load-bearing structure: Weischede Herman und Partner

Building services: Transsolar + Schmidt Reuter Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft

Façade planning: Emmer Pfenninger Partner AG

Executing company: Haskamp Metall- und Elementbau

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