Light-Noise Quality Façade

Light-noise-01 Light-noise-02 Light-noise-03

/// Light-Noise Quality Façade 

The idea behind the façade is to improve noise and light quality, by using the evolutionary solver “galapagos” in order to determine the most efficient shape for a solar collecting cone, through this program many iterations of geometric parameters are tested against each other in order to find the solution with the greatest fitness.

Group of students from Detmolder Hochschule worked together in order to develop prototypes for this façade mock-up.

The shapes on the façade are created by studying solar and sonic conditions. Through algorithmic designs the placement of the perforations are driven by solar paths and noise sources. The openings in the façade are of two types. Some serve to refract noise away from the building while others collect light and transport it into interior spaces through fibre optic cables. The mock-up had been displayed at Gevel messe Rotterdam.

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