IMAGINED BY: Marcel Bilow, Tillmann Klein, Thiemo Ebbert

DATE: 18/06/2006

ELABORATED BY: Wouter Blondeel

KEYWORDS: free-form, pneumatic, system, load-bearing, lightness, structure, envelope, 0-10 years, foil, membrane

“Peanut” bridge:
There are different possibilities to build a deflated bridge. One of them is the peanut solution. A material is packed into a pre-shaped bag. The ideal arch form can be identified in a hanging position. After evacuating the air, the construction is stiff and can be turned upside down into its correct position. “Peanuts” represent all positive characteristics a filling material must exhibit: optimum shape for good packing properties, friction due to its rough surface, lightweight. This principle was tested in a 10-meter-long bridge, with a filling material of hollow plastic balls, since peanuts were not readily available in the enormous quantity needed. We do not want to propose this experimental structure for actual bridge constructions. However, it is a great example of testing and verifying assumptions and calculations.

This project was sponsored by: / Eynatten Bubbledeck / Leiden

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