Deform and Connect

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/// Deform and connect:

The third optional course, that has been held by the teaching stuff of ” Design and Construction ” department in “Detmold School for architecture and interior design” under guidance of Prof.Dr.-Ing Urlich Knaack, was not only dealing with concrete materials but also urging the deformation of different materials. This time Dipl.-Ing.Linda Hildebrand and Sacha Hickert M.A. supervised around 15 students in their material research.

As concrete is still the most widespread material, different materials as wood, glass, steel or other metals had been experimented, A paper formwork had been built and protected with wax against water leakage.

A group tried to weld glass, while others tried metal casting and moulding sand. Some had also been experimenting with wood, while others tried to manufacture a lamp from fine waxed wood strips,. Also a chair with curved shapes was created, in addition to concrete connection joint as table legs.

Even if individual experiments did not lead to the desired results, all participants had been experienced dealing with different materials.

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