Concretable 3D-Another brick in the wall

Concretable-01 Concretable-02 Concretable-03 Concretable-04 Concretable-05 Concretable-06 Concretable-07 Concretable-08 Concretable-09 Concretable-10 Concretable-11 Concretable-12 Concretable-13 Concretable-14 Concretable-15 Concretable-16 Concretable-17 Concretable-18 Concretable-19 Concretable-20 Concretable-21


/// Façade element – Concreteable 3D – Another brick in the wall:

After the huge success of the optional course ” Concretable”, In winter semester 12/13 anther course “Concretable 3D – Another brick in the wall” had been started under supervision of Ing. Linda Hildebrand and Sacha Hickert M.A. from the teaching staff of “Design and Construction” department of Detmold school of architecture and interior design under guidance of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Urlich Knaack. 26 student were responsible for developing Approx. 120 cm * 90 cm dimension facade element characterised by its free form design and the best possible pervasion.

At first a lot of ambitious ideas have been developed, which quickly led to the problem of shuttering. Some of them tried to break through the concrete wall with free form elements on both sides, bent or crumpled paper, but in favour of more complex ideas and experiments, all the groups come to their goals.

The formwork was formed by different ways, some used PE film, Intelligent connector systems, two welded formwork boxes, crafted steel sheets. Some also experimented using wax, acetone and Styrodur, textile tubes or air mattresses.

All the final results are exhibited permanently at “Detmold School of Architecture and Interior design”.

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