///Concrete tables – Concretable:

In the summer semester 2012, around 20 student from Detmold School for architecture and interior design participate in optional courses held by Design and construction department under supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Urlich Knaack.

All the participants had the same task, which was to construct an approximately 2 * 2 m large table plate, which could be carried by two persons while a box full water placed at the top of it. This task held under supervision of Dipl.-Ing Linda Hildebrand, Sascha Hickert MA and Lutz Artmann and came up at the end with eight different tables with huge differences in surfaces, visual appearance and construction.

Next to several mirror finish, one of the teams emerged shelves at the top in the construction phase, also there were textile, glass fibers, steel plates that had been used as a reinforcement elements, trying to make the plate very thin, for the same problem another team came up with different solution by forming a kind of waffle slab at the bottom of the plate, on the other hand a very thick plate was formed with filling of plastic balls to make it somehow light weight.

For the realization of the designs, they all had been casted professionally in precast plant in Beverungen, and at the end of the project, an exhibition were held and all of this ideas were presented so that each design found a place and a use.

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