Fedex-Facade-01 Fedex-Facade-02 Fedex-Facade-03

/// Fedex Facade

IMAGINED BY: Tillmann Klein, Robert Barnstone, Arie Bergsma, Raymond van Sabben

DATE: 05/09/2007

KEYWORDS: free-form, pneumatic, system, insulation, load-bearing, lightness, structure, façade, envelope, structure, transport, 0-10 years, foil, membrane

The construction is based on triangular cardboard tubes, known from the FedEx poster shipping boxes. It is an inexpensive mass-product that forms the grid for a 3-dimensional façade structure. Transparent openings can be created by leaving tubes out. The construction forms a pressure envelope around the cardboard elements.

In order to create extra stiffness, the tubes are filled with triangular cardboard pieces. Enhanced transparency can be created by using stronger tubes.

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