Concrete Canoe

Beton-Kanu-01 Beton-Kanu-02 Beton-Kanu-03 Beton-Kanu-04 Beton-Kanu-05 Beton-Kanu-06 Beton-Kanu-07 Beton-Kanu-08 Beton-Kanu-09 Beton-Kanu-10 Beton-Kanu-11 Beton-Kanu-12 Beton-Kanu-13 Beton-Kanu-14

///Concrete Canoe.

In June 2013, eight students from architecture and interior design department in “Detmold school of Architecture and Interior Design”  under Prof.Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack guidance, take part in 14th German concrete canoe regatta in Nuremberg. The supervision of the project was by Dipl.-Ing Linda Hildebrand and M.A. Sacha Hickert.

The inexperience of all the participant about this field came up with some exciting and new ideas about canoe construction. The result was nearly six m long charcoal colored flat canoe with red joints. This combination of colored was inspired from the presentation stand and the team presentation as well.

After many attempts, the folding problem had been solved after prototypes in 1:5 and 1:1 scale, The canoe tipping process was held next to merged specimens with different angles and sections. Based on the accumulated experience of these tests, the entire canoe was built in a weekend. The final output was consisted of 3 mm thick polyethylene layer, glass fiber fabric as a reinforcement in between and another 3 mm thick polyethylene layer, After curing the concrete, the canoe folded around prefabricated frame and the joints get sealed.

On 20 June, the research team went to the competition in Nuremberg. Apart of prizes were more awarded for design and construction aspects, as a T-shirt competition was announced. A whole day the jury spent on checking the canoes accuracy and all information, which mentioned in the report, after that all had to participate in athletic competition, each team had one man and one woman and had to go and come back for a certain distance.

This project had been published repeatedly and exhibited in Berlin in October at “Architect @ Work” . In addition to receiving some requests from some international sailing and rowing clubs asking for the canoes.

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