Prefabricated Systems



Authors : Knaack, Chung-Klatte, Hasselbach

Available in: English, German

Publisher: Birkhaüser

For a number of years, modular construction – the use of prefabricated

elements in architecture – has once again become a subject of lively

discussion and debate. Long written off as monotonous, today’s building

components are actually highly differentiated and capable of supporting

and enhancing the architect’s creativity. Numerous structures work with

prefabricated components and modular systems are available that meet high aesthetic

standards. This book provides an overview of the various systems

and their possible applications, particularly in the areas of housing, office, and

industrial buildings. It explains the processes and components of modular construction and documents examples of best practice. The authors offer strategies for planning and designing with prefabricated

systems so that the architect can use them productively. Numerous

drawings explain the principles of modular construction, while built

projects forge a link between those principles and the practical activity

of building.

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