Delft Quay Wall Garden

Delft Quay Wall Garden,  project by Koen Mulder, Barbara Lubelli and Max Veeger (TU Delft), is an innovative brick quay wall vegetated with wall plants. Unlike modern quay corrugated steel sheet piling with concrete covering this setup tries to keep the surface of the quay wall moist, as was the case with solid historic brick quay walls.  The test panels were installed in April 2021.

The wall covering is constructed from dry-stacked, reusable bricks made from recycled ceramics stacked on nylon profiles.  This outer blade is placed in front of capillary substrate filled cavity, that keeps the open joints, that are filled with bio-glue-bound plant soil, moist. In the soil plant seeds were embedded. The left panel has a substrate filled cavity of 55mm and the right one of 110mm. The left/western sides of the panels only receive water from the canal below; the eastern sides also receive rainwater that falls on the stainless steel  cover.

The research focusses on the grow characteristics and plant survival in the different conditions. The goal of the construction is to apply green overgrown aesthetic brick coverings for quay walls in historic city centres that can be installed mostly prefabricated without ugly expansion joints and without draining parts of the canal floor and that can also easily be repaired or dismounted.

If you like – you can follow the monitoring of the walls here.

Publication youtube: Project Wall Garden

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