New Volume Glass Structures and Engineering

///New Volume Glass Structures and Engineering

It´s a pleasure to announce the new journal Glass Structures and Engineering – this time with the special editors Suwen Chen, Stefan Kolling and Johannes Kuntsche, all very well known and respected colleagues in the glass field. And this is how they introduce the issue:

“As for the dimensioning of structures due to mechanical loads, purely static problems are often assumed, especially in the building industry. This also applies to the construction material glass, which also sets architectural accents in the façade technology. Dynamic loads, such as those caused by wind, can usually be considered in a simplified manner using quasi-static equivalent loads.

Buildings and in particular building envelopes are increasingly exposed to extreme events. These range from terrorist attacks to extreme weather conditions because of climate change.

If glass constructions are exposed to such extreme and very fast loading, both special computational and test methods must be developed for the component design. These new methodologies can also be transferred to other glass constructions outside of the building industry. For example, the findings can also be applied directly to crash load cases for the design of vehicle glazing.

In our special issue “Glass and Extreme Events” such calculation and test methods are presented and discussed on a scientific level. The reader will find current developments on topics ranging from pressure waves resulting from explosive loads on facades to the characterization of glass and its dynamic damage under high strain rates.

The guest editors wish you a lot of fun and great insight while reading!”

Link to this issue: Glass Structures & Engineering | Volume 7, Issue 4 (

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