Glass Competence Center (GCC) @ TU Darmstadt

///Glass Competence Center (GCC) @ TU Darmstadt

The Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design (ISM+D) and the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) of the TU Darmstadt both have strong competencies in the field of glass construction. A team of 15 researchers and engineers work at both institutions within the scope of research projects, applied industrial research, approval and licensing procedures as well as production controls with the material glass and its applications in construction and architecture, automotive engineering and the consumer goods industry.

To host the extensive experimental equipment, which enables us in experimenting of almost at all questions from the different fields of competence concerning glass as a construction material, a new research lab is under construction at the Lichtwiese campus TU Darmstadt – to be finished early 2021.

You can follow the building activities here.

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