REAL 1 – The Story of the Bucky Lab

///REAL 1 – The Story of the Bucky Lab

The Bucky Lab, an MSC program at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment/ TU Delft, is a workshop where architecture students develop and build prototypes of their projects.

In the Lab Seminars the combination of architecture and building technology is brought to a higher level. How to design an innovative, sustainable, building-related construction/ concept that can be part of an office building, a small building in its own or maybe also an extension of an existing building. The research is done through virtual and physical testing of the materials and structural performance of the design. The results are used as feedback to optimize the design into a state that it can be built as a prototype finally.

This first edition of the New REAL series is based on an interview by Ulrich Knaack with Marcel Bilow, also known as Dr. Bucky Lab. While the chapters run from past to future, from the first steps to the big picture, the book is filled with small anecdotes to allow a better view behind the course and the man behind it. It is a book about the unique approach – REAL 2 will show the projects.

The book is available analog via the publisher 010 and digital via TU Delft. Further information can be found under the following links: bk books tudelft and nai 010.

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