Facade Design Conference 1 + 2 / Shenzhen

///Facade Design Conference 1 + 2 / Shenzhen

VS-A.HK and VS-A.KR are organizing a unique Facade design and engineering event in Shenzhen, China. The event comprises two conferences on 17.11.19 and 08.12.19 where international and local pioneers will present their innovations to the field. A month long exhibition of 40 outstanding VS-A projects will link the two conferences.

The initiative also marks the formation of the Master’s program ‘MSc. Intelligence Envelopes’; the first Masters Course of its kind in Asia. It is a response to a Paradigm Shift that has permeated every aspect of life. This encompasses technical developments in energy, sustainability, climate change, performance, and the fabrication of complex geometries amongst many other fields of expertise. Under such a context of specialization, one would be correct in assuming that the onus of façade design would lie in the territory of Engineering. However the reality is much different: the Building Envelope is one of the few elements of Architecture that still heavily depends on Architectural thinking.

VS-A’s collaboration with Hong Kong University (HKU), the Faculty of Architecture (FoA), TU Delft, and the Hong Kong Façade Association (HKFA) will commence in 2020. More information can be found at www.30YearsFacadeDesignByVS-A.com and www.vs-a.eu.

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