Building with Paper Conference 2019

///Building with Paper Conference 2019

Natural materials such as wood or paper have been used in the building industry and architecture for thousands of years and still play an important role in modern building and interior construction, today. The available products are mainly based on the experience of the manufacturers. In this context, paper offers excellent potential for bio-based applications in the building industry and architecture due to the facts that it mainly of renewable raw material, offers very good strength properties in relation to its own weight, can be produced as a sheet material but also with high porosity or even as a foam, and it is relatively easy to chemically functionalize.
As part of the BAMP project at TU Darmstadt, this conference about building with Paper Conference will be held in November 2019 in Darmstadt. Our guests will gain an insight into the world of constructing with alternative materials and the opportunity to discuss the potential and risks associated with the subject.

For more information, see here.

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