Ceramics in an AM process

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///Ceramics in an AM process

The built environment relies on the use of stoneware for centuries. What can stoneware mean when it is combined with a new production technology?
Dennis de Witte M.Sc. started experimenting and produced the first promising components with his FDM printer. He is searching for the next generation building components made out of ceramic. Consider ceramic as a material for structural Additive Manufactured building components. Till now production technologies were not adapted for freeform and small batch size building components, but that will change.
When you think of printing one material façades it looks like the sky is the limit and the options are endless. In his research he will focus on the real products that can be made with this technology. Next to those real solutions, attention needs to be paid matching material and production technology. That is why one of the next steps involves testing the overall performance of the printed stoneware.

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