Museum de Fundatie – Zwolle

Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-01 Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-02 Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-03 Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-04 Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-05 Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-06 Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-07 Zwolle---Museum-de-Fundatie-08

/// Museum de Fundatie – Zwolle 

The architect’s office Bierman Henket were commissioned by Zwolle town council to work on the extension museum de Fundatie Zwolle. The design for the extension was done by architect Hubert-Jan Henket, which forms a sharp contrast with the museum’s classical building dated back to 1840 as it consisted of a three-dimensional ellipsoid called the Eye. Royal Tichelaar / Makkum was asked to develop and produce the ceramic cladding for the extension. The museum’s extension façade has around 1.340 m2 and it has been cladded by over 50.000 tiles. The wedge-shaped tiles had been chosen in combination with white glaze. The tiles modules are in two sizes and randomly positioned, which results in unpredictable reflections when the tiles are in contact with the light and sun.

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