Mercedes Benz Museum – Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz-01 Mercedes-Benz-02 Mercedes-Benz-03 Mercedes-Benz-04 Mercedes-Benz-05 Mercedes-Benz-06 Mercedes-Benz-07 Mercedes-Benz-08

/// Mercedes Benz Museum – Stuttgart 

Mercedes Benz Museum was designed to be an icon, which is representing the legacy of Mercedes Benz. A team led by Dutch architecture Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos and Tobias Walliser, was responsible for the design of the museum. The building had to be designed and constructed in record time as Mercedes-Benz did not want to let go of the chance to be ready before the world cup in Germany. The geometry of the building had been defined by 3D model. To construct the complex over 110,000 tons of concrete, the outer envelope is constructed out of aluminium plates and glass. The glass is used as the front windows and made of trapezoidal panels supported by steel profiles. The glass is colorless and insulated. The climate engineer Matthias Schuler / Transsolar was responsible for the climate design.

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