Parametric Node (N-AM 10)


3D printed toplogy optimized node

N-AM10-004 N-AM10-006/3D printed toplogy optimized node N-AM10-007 N-AM10-009 N-AM10-010 N-AM10-012 N-AM10-013 N-AM10-014 N-AM10-015 N-AM10-017 N-AM10-019 N-AM10-020 N-AM10-021 N-AM10-022

/// Parametric Node (N-AM 10)

The latest version of N-AM series finally revealed. M.eng. Alamir Mohsen is working on the development of a parametric node under supervision of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Knaack. After a lot of attempts, they revealed the first 3d printed prototype in steel. Alamir claimed that the idea of having a parametric node is conceivable by merging the right aspects together (meshing properties, topology optimization, etc.).
The node exemplifies a 3d printed topology optimized connection point, which had been carefully analyzed through form optimization definition using Grasshopper and Rhino. Then moved to topology optimization phase, which had been done using Karamba plugin to calculate the loads’ effect and subtract the unused areas based on the load analysis’s results.
The node is the first attempt using additive manufacturing technology and to be continued.


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