efnMOBIL @ RWTH Aachen

efnMOBIL-@-RWTH-Aachen-01 efnMOBIL-@-RWTH-Aachen-02 efnMOBIL-@-RWTH-Aachen-03

/// efnMOBIL @ RWTH Aachen

As one of the workshops of 2014 the efnMOBIL was hosted by the chairs CAAD / Peter Russell, which developed in cooperation with the Jan Borchers / Media Computing Group (both RWTH Aachen) the concept of the workshop, named “thinking skin” – a collaboration of design and architecture students with informatics students. Task was to develop a new envelope concept, which allows to calibrate functions of the building envelope duet to the concrete requirements of the function – and to establish an interaction between the components – the thinking skin.

The workshop was supported by Sascha Hickert and Jens Böke for the efnMOBIL and Thomas Stachelhaus and Christian Möllering for the RWTH Aachen.

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