efnMOBIL @ Glasstec

efnMOBIL-@-Glasstec-01 efnMOBIL-@-Glasstec-02 efnMOBIL-@-Glasstec-03 efnMOBIL-@-Glasstec-04

/// efnMOBIL @ Glasstec

the efnMOBIL, an mobil workshop program, travelling in 2013 and 2014 in Europe between Dutch, German and English universities, was hosted by the Glasstec 2014 in Düsseldorf.

The exhibition was exposing projects form several workshops, showing design studies of students concentrating on themes like light and noise, energy generation, self-adjusting envelopes or low budget facades for different climate zones.

Next to this various universities were invited to participate in “adhoc-consultancies” by façade master students form Detmold (IFDC). The program was framed by guest lectures of Prof Winfried Heusler (HS OWL), Prof Holger Techen (FH FaM) and Klaus Hees (Aloca)

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