Deutsche Post Headquarters – Bonn

DHL-Bonn-01 DHL-Bonn-02 DHL-Bonn-03 DHL-Bonn-04

/// Deutsche Post Headquarters – Bonn

Deutsche Post DHL launched an architectural competition in late 1997 for the new headquarters in Bonn. A total of 387 architects had participated to create the new building. Finally the brief was given to Murphy/Jahn.

The double skin façade of the two tower segments is an achievement of construction technology. The main façade encloses the inside space. double glazed units stretch from floor to ceiling, allowing daylight. The ventilation equipment run along the division between the floors in a narrow aluminium panels. The space between the inner skin and the outer skin is 1.70 meters on the south side and 1.20 meters on the north side. the inner skin façade contains windows to allow the employees to regulate the room temperature naturally.

The outer skin, consists of uncoated clear glass. It have controlled flaps to allow natural ventilation in all seasons. The outer skin protects the inside against wind, rain and noise. The sun blinds located in between the two skin layers, which offers the possibility to use the blinds even in high winds.

The service components of the building are organized de-central and located in each room close to the double skin and are served by the preconditioned air of the double façade cavity.

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