ING Bank Headquarters

ING-Bank-01 ING-Bank-02 ING-Bank-03 ING-Bank-04 ING-Bank-05 ING-Bank-06 ING-Bank-07 ING-Bank-08 ING-Bank-09 ING-Bank-10

/// ING Bank Headquarters

The ING Bank headquarters in Amsterdam consisted of 9-storey structure. Slimdek had been used to form the steel construction for the building. The lightweight façade was attached to the limit of the steelwork providing a controlled internal environment. Slimdek minimized the visual impact of the structure, which was really important for aesthetic reasons. The building façade has the majority of glass to help the façade to present high level of transparency and openness, accordingly double skin façade was utilized to avoid heat loss or overheating.

van Meurs, J, Van Heugten Consulting Engineers, Nijmegen, The Netherlands; Luscuere, PG, Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, The Netherlands

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