LOCOL – “Low-Cost Low-Energy Climate Responsive Facade” workshop in Bath, UK 2014


/// LOCOL – “Low-Cost Low-Energy Climate Responsive Facade” workshop in Bath, UK 2014

The second workshop on “Emerging Facade” – European Facade Network Mobile (efnM) will take place in Bath, UK on J02 Junee 2014. Invited participants included “International Facade Design and Construction” (IFDC) students from University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany and “Sustainable Environmental Engineering” students from University of Bath.

The workshop is a part of efnM – work program powered by Alcoa Foundation and Architecture for Humanity.
Following the success of the first international workshop in Detmold, Germany on 26-28 November 2013 , this second international workshop at the University of Bath, UK aims to focus on sustainable environmental facade applied for different climate zones for instance: North Africa, China, hot and humid climates.
The background ideas and concepts for the workshop have been prepared by students from 2 university since March 2014.
During 3 days of workshop in Bath, our students will further develop these concepts and afterwards hand on tools and materials to build 1:1 mock-ups.
By the interesting mixture of international students from all over the world, the workshop promising a great opportunity to understand different cultures, climates to enhance our design concepts.
After the workshop, the mock-ups will be collect and travel together with other mock-ups from previous workshop to our next workshop destinations.

Photo: The first efnM – Emerging Envelopes held in Detmold on 26-28 November 2013.

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