IMAGINED BY: Daniel Smidt, Jan Schepko, Thaleia Konstantinou

DATE: 21-02-2012

KEYWORDS: dynamic insulation, fibers, inflatable

Looking at the current condition of the built environment, many problems can be identified, one of which is low thermal resistance.

How about creating a solution to “heal“ the building’s skin – like a patch to heal human skin? In this manner, we can patch up our cities and help them recover. The idea is based on recent developments in the textile industry. Rubber fibers with inlaid air pipes can provide dynamic insulation. When air is pumped into the fibers, air pockets expand, increasing the thermal resistance of the wall while creating a new outward appearance.

Patches could be used to help with other problems as well. Supporting the reduction of performance energy by active or passive measures is one aspect. They could also help to increase the level of comfort. Acoustic, visual or thermal applications can be easily attached on the inside or outside of the building. Patches could be especially relevant for open offices to provide individual comfort zones. Every user/occupant installs the patch that fits their individual needs.

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  1. Really ? Its a great news. Thank you for sharing with us.


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