IMAGINED BY: Till Klein, Marcel Bilow, Linda Hildebrand, Ulrich Knaack

DATE: 24-03-2011

KEYWORDS: CO2, waste storage, reuse

Let’s think about the potential of storing CO2 – no, we are not trying to hide the CO2 in old mines – We are trying to create an environment that lets us see what we produce. Our challenge is to come up with storage that is aesthetically pleasing and that can be used for additional purposes: the CO2 container structure!

The idea is to use CO2 for filling containers and use this as in an air-supported structure (pneus) as a structural component of buildings – like PET bottles, which become stiff when filled with water or air and then closed, so that the structure can be used as a compression unit.

To be developed:
– Technology for collection and storage of the CO2
– Construction technology for stacking containers
– Security aspects of damage protection
– Potentials for the end-of-life scenario

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