Book-wall-01 Book-wall-02



IMAGINED BY: Workshop “I am Energy”, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Architecture, TU Delft – Faculty of Architecture – Façade Research Group

DATE: 09/06/2010

KEYWORDS: recycling, reuse, embodied energy, books

Brainstorming Start: cardboard, tower

In the digital age we have to reconsider the use of books (that is, belletristic publications and not books important for society and science) and how this material could be reused.

In the workshop the idea to reuse books to build massive constructions like brickwork buildings came up.

Related to the heavy construction and the direct load flow within the structure even high buildings seems to be possible – especially if we consider the limited fire risk by using stacked paper.

To fulfill the performance aspects of a façade, the massive wall can be treated in two ways:

A – adding a cavity with a rain resistant surface or

B – a chalk paint, which would need to be renewed every year.

The biggest advantage of this construction, apart from giving the used books a second life, is that there is a potential of finalizing the use of the books by burning them as an End-of-Life.

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