Future Envelope 8 ‘Mind the Gap’


/// Future Envelope 8 ‘Mind the Gap’

This one-day conference will address gaps in knowledge and process and consider how we can improve the design, specification and construction of building envelopes.

The conference is intended for graduate engineers with up to six years’ experience but may appeal to others who feel young at heart.

Conference Schedule:

Friday 6 June 2014, University of Bath
Registration 08.30 for 9.15 start
Programme includes:
Minimizing the gap between design intent and construction. ‘Stacy Eissenberg, Ateliers Jean Nouvel Paris’
Mind the Blob: The challenges of resolving the knowledge-gaps in unprecedented façade design. ‘Neesha Gopal, Meinhardt Facades, London’
Unobtanium: The missing material. ‘Tillmann Klien-TU Delft’
Visualising sound through vented and double skin facades. ‘Ze Nunes-MAC Acoustics’
Mega large spans in double curvature laminated glass: Latest developments in structural glass. ‘Lisa Rammig-Eckersley O’Callaghan’
BIM: where are we and where do we need to be? ‘Stephen Emmitt-University of Bath’
CIBSE project on façade selection. ‘Ant Wilson-AECOM’
Bridging the gap between people, facades, buildings and the city: design informed by prediction. ‘Darren Robinson-University of Nottingham’
The HIVE project. ‘Mike Lawrence-University of Bath’
The City of Bath
Bath is an ‘International World Heritage City’. With its Roman remains, 15th Century Abbey, 18th Century architecture and modern facilities, Bath is a popular place to visit. It is the ideal centre from which to extend your stay in the UK and visit London, Stratford on Avon, Stonehenge and other places of interest. Bath is easily reached by road, rail or bus from London and other parts of the UK.

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