BMW Sanduhr


/// BMW Sanduhr

BMW AG München
Media Audience Beratung GmbH, Berlin
Architecture and Visualization
imagine structure, Matthias Michel
in collaboration with Max Weber and Felix Nienstätt
Plexiglas technology
imagine structure, Matthias Michel
in collaboration with Röhm, Christian Eckhard
Structural planning
imagine structure in collaboration with Matthias Pfeifer
Volker Bender, Bender GmbH, Kaiserslautern
July 2008

An Idea takes shape
On the occasion of the new BMW 7 Series launch in Moscow, the advertising agency wanted to present the car in a 40 ft high hourglass.
For the agency Imagine structure group worked out a design and technical concept, which was chosen by the customer BMW from several competitors.
Through our development of a self sustaining Plexiglas shell structure we could abandon a steel substructure blocking the view of the exhibit. According to the Plexiglas manufacturer Röhm, this was the first time anyone ever used Plexiglas as a supporting structure of this size.

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