Ketteler Kolleg |Pneumatic roof

Ketteler-Kolleg-03 Ketteler-Kolleg-01Ketteler-Kolleg-02

/// Ketteler Kolleg |Pneumatic roof

HSK-Architekten, Darmstadt
Structural planning
imagine structure
Energetic design
imagine climate / Transsolar

During an energetic cleansing of the Ketteler Kolleg, the concept of the architect establishes a filigree roof construction. Membrane cushions enable the use of slight steel cross sections, which led to a maximum amount of airiness.
The parametric development of the construction offers the possibility to virtually illustrate different variants and hereby alleviate the architect’s decision making.
Setting the column in x-shape, the height of the arch and the therewith composed appearance is parametric defined by using 3D-modeling. Thus, in shortest time of planning, the delicate construction of the pneumatic roof was developed. The complete construction enables a new perception of the spacious interior and the complete school.

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