Rolled Wall

Rolled-wall-01 Rolled-wall-02 Rolled-wall-03 Rolled-wall-04

/// Rolled Wall

Done by: Sascha Hickert , Carina Kisker

The aim of this project is to design/develop an innovative light weight form work system, which is able to minimize the complexity for the core insulated double concrete walls form work, So it will be able to be done without the counter form work plates.

To accomplish that goal, a double layered form work system will be designed, Which is able to be rolled for transporting. Then in the building location, that form work should only be fixed under tension. Consequently there is no need for form work plates.

When the counter form work is not used, which requires a huge amount of working hours and manpower, this will have a huge impact on reducing the time consumed and the cost needed to get done with the required work.

To reach the goal of rolled form work, the wooden form work plates will be replaced with textile layers. The fabric is connected to each other in order to control the deformation caused by the pressure of the concrete during the pouring process by replacing the normal steel tie with nylon strings. It should be noted that the skin, which is facing the insulation layer will not allow the water from the fresh concrete to go through to allow the insulation layer not to be wetted to maintain its insulation properties.

The main advantages for this innovative idea is that it provides a system, which is lightweight form work, reduce time, manpower and transportation to reduce dependency the cost, as well provides flexibility in geometry design.

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