Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center / REX

Vakko-Headquarters-and-Power-Media-Center-REX-01 Vakko-Headquarters-and-Power-Media-Center-REX-02 Vakko-Headquarters-and-Power-Media-Center-REX-03 Vakko-Headquarters-and-Power-Media-Center-REX-04

/// Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center / REX

The Vakko building consists of three storey rectangle, which was abandoned skeleton of an unfinished hotel project. The whole building wrapped in floor-to ceiling glass panes. The glass panes made of thin glass. Each pane slumped with a structural X to increase its strength, thus the glass’s thickness could be reduced and the perimeter mullions could be eliminated.
The Vakko building is considered as the new addition to Turkey’s contemporary architecture collection.

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