Detached houses by MVRDV

Detached-houses-by-MVRDV-01 Detached-houses-by-MVRDV-02 Detached-houses-by-MVRDV-03 Detached-houses-by-MVRDV-04 Detached-houses-by-MVRDV-05 Detached-houses-by-MVRDV-06

/// Detached Houses by MVRDV

Project: Hageneiland Housing

Location: Ypenburg, The Netherlands

Completed: 2001

Architect: MVRDV

Load-bearing structure: ABT

Construction: Office for Architectual Engineering

Executing company: Balaast Nedam

The design presents a new way of thinking towards detached houses. The typical building shape had been used but with a unique facade and roof claddings. Sheet metals, roof tiles, wooden shingles or even plastic materials in green and blue had been wrapped the buildings. These materials had given different colours to disguise its appearance.

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