Solarlux Nijverdal

Solarlux-Nijverdal-01 Solarlux-Nijverdal-02 Solarlux-Nijverdal-03 Solarlux-Nijverdal-04

/// Solarlux Nijverdal

Owner: Solarlux Aluminium Systeme GmbH, Bissendorf

Architect: Wolfgang Heerich mit van der Linde Architecten, Zutphen

Accomplishment: Climate and façade concept, Phases coordination, Detailed design

Finished: 2010

For the new branch of Solarlux in the Netherlands, a new façade and climate concept had been developed in a way that allows façade and building services to interact together. The project was focused on achieving high comfort while minimizing energy consumption in the same time with the following product concept: Based on one of the standard windows system, an innovative double façade was developed and build, which is able to be completely open from both outer and inner skin.

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