Sparkasse Ludwigshafen

Sparkasse-01 Sparkasse-02 Sparkasse-03

/// Sparkasse Ludwigshafen

Owner: Sparkasse Vorderpfalz

General-planer: Evers Ingenieurgesellschaft

TGA: Balck und Partner, Heidelberg

Accomplishment: Concept, Design documents, Technical details and Shop of drawings

Finished: 2009

The main goal was to refurbishing the building from the 70s to bring it to the most updated states in matter of energy consumption, user comfort and aesthetics. As shortly before the refurbishing process the renovation of the interior spaces was just done, so the refurbishment process should not interfere the use of the building. Consequently the refurbish the building was developed to be done from outside. The façade formed as a second skin from steel and glass and it contains decentralized ventilation units. In winter the system is used by circulating the heated up air in the double skin façade cavity, in summer the fresh air is directly directed from outside.



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