Matrix Façade

Matrix-Facade-01 Matrix-Facade-02

/// Matrix Façade

IMAGINED BY: Nathan Volkers, guided by T. Klein

DATE: 18/05/2009

KEYWORDS: decentralized, modular, ventilating, heating, cooling, adaptive, envelope, aluminum, plastics, membrane, composites

PERFORMANCE: integrated functions

Interpretation of the grid façade as a media matrix. Future climate integrated façades will be equipped with various installations. Energy, water and information data will need to be transported to all areas of the façade. This is the task of the matrix. It can encompass all different component types. The function structure shows that all transport elements are subcomponents of the matrix and all other components will be attached to the structural frame of the matrix.
A BUS interface is needed to make sure that each component with different properties can be installed anywhere within the matrix and is interchangeable. On top of that, each component is connected to a data cable, water supply line, etc. depending on its functionality. This requires a slot interface. An example for slot interfaces is the motherboard of a computer. A special and unique connection is made for each component such as graphic cards, memory boards, etc.
Local decision making units (DMU) are located at the cross points of the matrix. Together with the central processing unit (CPU), they control all actions. The façade functions as a living organism which constantly adapts to the environment and user needs.
The scale of the matrix depends on the size of the available components. In principle, the grid could be in the range of a couple of millimeters.

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