M&M’S® Façade

M&M-facade-01 M&M-facade-02

/// M&M’S® Façade

IMAGINED BY: Sharon Lighart, guided by M. Bilow and H. Techen

DATE: 30/03/2011

KEYWORDS: layered construction, modular, cooling, easy to assemble, envelope

PERFORMANCE: integrated functions

Typically, concrete consists of aggregates and cement paste. The aggregate has a significant influence on the performance capability of the final material. The innovative concept presented here can enhance the functions of a wall determined by a particular combination of different aggregates. Depending on the composition, the aggregate or granulate can take on functions such as load-bearing, insulating, and heat storage, amongst others. Bonding the individual components can be done in two ways: by adding an additional binding agent or by activating an already present enclosing binder.
By reversing the M&M’S® principle, the coating can be dissolved to bond the elements to each other. The composition and thickness of the individual layers determine the density of the building material. It is an innovative concept that makes it possible to realize the functions of a wall in layers according to the given requirements, and one that is only activated in the formwork. This ensures easy handling and a fast building progress.
Various materials could be used as a binding agent; activated by adding water or other agents or changing temperatures.

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