Concrete Vacuum Injection

Concrete-Vacuum-Injection-01 Concrete-Vacuum-Injection-02 Concrete-Vacuum-Injection-03

/// Concrete Vacuum Injection


DATE: 11/08/2007

KEYWORDS: structure, concrete, injection, production principle, vacuum

PERFORMANCE: production

The basic principle of vacuum structures involves an airtight membrane enclosing pressure resistant filling elements. Upon applying vacuum, the membrane becomes stiff.
This principle can be used to produce prefabricated parts. The shipping industry offers alternative solutions: based on serial production methods, the mold is built first and then filled with the surface material and rigid foam. Polyester or epoxy is added by vacuum injection to create a sandwich composite structure. Since there is no gravel or other coarser aggregate added to the fiber concrete matrix it can flow easily. Therefore, textile reinforcement or hollow parts can be used. One idea is to pour all dry materials into a vacuum bag and then saturate them with liquid concrete under vacuum. Prefabricated baskets with cavities and specifically arranged reinforcement fibers can thus be produced economically.

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