Cable-Car Caracas

Cable-car-Caracas-01 Cable-car-Caracas-02 Cable-car-Caracas-03

/// Cable-Car Caracas

IMAGINED BY: M. Bilow for Urban Think Tank

DATE: 29/07/2007

KEYWORDS: construction, structure, fiber reinforced concrete

PERFORMANCE: production

A production method for the cable-car project in Caracas planned by Urban Think Tank to allow for a light roof construction for a new cable-car station.
The goal of the project was to develop a production method that would allow the inhabitants of the favelas in the area to participate in building the cable-car station to create jobs.
The concept uses a sandwich construction formed by multiple layers comprising a metallic base layer, a core insulation and fiber reinforced concrete. Injecting fiber concrete into deeper impressions in the mold makes for a rigid ribbed structure after curing.
The roof elements are prefabricated on site and then lifted onto the load-bearing frame by helicopter.

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