Plastic Properties II

Plastic-Properties-I1-01 Plastic-Properties-I1-02

/// Plastic Properties II

IMAGINED BY: Richard Kelly, guided by U. Knaack, T. Klein, and M. Bilow Part of the Future Envelope class at Penn State University

DATE: 07/04/2011

KEYWORDS: manipulating plastic, recycling, façade, system

PERFORMANCE: recycling

The idea is to find an easy method to create a façade skin that can be erected within a short period of time, on a low budget, and that provides maximum use and habitation.
The principle demonstrates the capability of plastic as a diffuser of ambient light; creating visual interest with different colors and textures resulting from the variations of plastic used to form the skin. While the plastic serves as a light diffuser, it also forms an insulating layer for the occupant. It allows air to ventilate through the façade, while still providing protection from the thermal properties of the exterior space.
The main idea is to utilize and manipulate simple materials to create visually and thermally comfortable spaces.

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